Tax Investigations

Tax and VAT investigations involve in-depth examination by HMRC that can be extremely stressful for those involved, not to mention time consuming and evasive.
At Burgess Hodgson we understand that an investigation by HMRC doesn’t just cost a business time, but there could also be a financial impact, as well as business owners being placed under additional stress. Bearing this in mind it is important to get the best possible professional advice with the least disruption.

HMRC has upped the ante with its tax investigations, which means you need an expert to help you in your affairs – or risk the penalty of a fine, or worse, imprisonment. With HMRC now prioritising tax investigations as a means of raising revenue, it is estimated that every business should expect at least one investigation in its lifetime.
Our experience and skills can help place a buffer between you and the authorities to relieve the strain of an investigation. We make sure we deal with the tough questions that would otherwise take attention away from the key role of running your business.

Although every investigation is different, our tax investigations experience includes:

• Special Civil Investigations (SCI) – fraud cases
• Prosecution cases
• Tax disputes between taxpayers or the taxpayer and HMRC
• PAYE audits and enquiries
• VAT enquiries