Payroll Services

Payroll Services Tailored to Your Needs 

When it comes to outsourcing your payroll, flexibility is key. We understand that every business has unique requirements, and that’s why BH Payroll Bureau offers a versatile solution that can seamlessly integrate with your team and provide the support you need.

Our comprehensive payroll services cover a wide range of tasks, including:

  1. Setup and Maintenance:
  • Establishing new PAYE and Payroll schemes.
  • Handling starter and leaver administration.
  • Setting up new Auto Enrolment Pension schemes.
  1. Accurate Payroll Processing:
  • Precise calculation of PAYE, National Insurance, Attachments of Earnings, Student Loans, Statutory payments, and compliance with other relevant legislation.
  • Auto Enrolment calculations, reports, and submissions.
  1. Timely Reporting:
  • Customized report generation to meet your specific needs.
  • Secure electronic payslips (epayslips) for your employees.
  1. Efficient Payments:
  • Reliable BACS payment service.
  • Ensuring timely submission of all Real Time Information (RTI) to meet regulatory deadlines.
  1. Payment Guidance:
  • Providing details of PAYE/NI liabilities for timely payments, helping you avoid interest and penalties.
  • Keeping you informed of payment details and deadlines, especially with HMRC’s increasing diligence in chasing arrears.
  1. Comprehensive Services:
  • Production of payroll journal reports.
  • National Minimum Wage checks.
  • Guidance on holiday pay and leave.
  • P60 production at year-end.
  • Annual Year End updates, including new legislation and rates for the upcoming Tax Year.

At BH Payroll Bureau, we believe in simplicity. We collaborate closely with our clients to understand their specific needs, agreeing on processing procedures and timeframes to ensure that your payroll is consistently processed accurately and on time.

Payroll Software and Payslips 

For our payroll software, we use Paycircle as our standard choice. Paycircle is a GDPR-secure, cloud-based, collaborative payroll platform designed for modern payroll bureaus. It offers numerous advantages:

  • Employee Access: Employees receive their login details and passwords, enabling them to conveniently view their payslips online or via a mobile app.
  • Employer Access: Employers also have their own login with options to upload documents, access payroll reports, and view employees’ payslips. Access levels can be customised for staff levels, providing the flexibility you need.

 Auto-Enrolment Made Easy 

Our services extend to assisting you in understanding the impact of Auto Enrolment on your business. We can open an Auto Enrolment scheme on your behalf and handle ongoing responsibilities, including:

  • Staff assessment during each pay period.
  • Calculation of contributions to be deducted from employees and paid by the employer.
  • Uploading the necessary information required by the Pension Provider.
  • Preparing essential communications to your staff.
  • Completing declarations with The Pensions Regulator.

Education Payrolls

Schools’ payroll in the UK can be a complicated affair.

If you are responsible for an educational establishment, be it a primary school or secondary school, academy, college, or anything similar, then the chances are you will have a whole host of different pay grades, scales and salaries to deal with.  At BH Payroll Bureau we have the knowledge and experience in processing these types of payrolls, including:

  • An understanding of teacher’s payroll, pay grades, scales, salaries, and tax.
  • In depth knowledge about the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (TPS) and the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS).
  • Pension’s processing and reporting, including the MCR report and LGPS monthly return.
  • Reports designed to suit the unique requirements of schools.
  • Assistance with the Year-end returns.


We operate our pricing depending on payroll frequency and number of payslips produced.  Our standard processing fee includes a small standard processing fee plus a per payslip fee (plus VAT).

Contact us at to provide a no obligation quotation.

Choose BH Payroll Bureau for a payroll service that is tailored to your business, offers secure and accessible technology, and ensures compliance with the latest regulations.


“Thank you, Dan, to you and your team for your ongoing support and commitment to getting our payroll done.  We are in such unprecedented times currently as we are all adjusting to our new at home office settings and different ways of working.  So, a BIG thank you from my team here to your team there”.  

“Immensely helpful support, advice etc during the furlough period. Well done everyone and thank you”.

“We much appreciated all your work, and the short turnaround time, on own payroll since you took over.  Thank you for your support on this case. Keep up the good work.”

“We are genuinely really excited about working together moving forward. The members of your team that we have had the pleasure of meeting have got such a positive, can-do attitude…”

“You’ve been highly responsive, calm and professional throughout.”

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