Commercial or Partnership disputes are an unfortunate possibility in any business, with the potential to damage a brand if not handled appropriately. Working alongside our client’s legal team, we believe we can assist in the difficult dispute resolution process, and if we can’t, we’ll let you know and suggest other possible courses of action.
Our forensic department can offer our clients the best, most efficient and cost-effective service tailored to the specific requirements of the case. We have experience of trials, arbitration and mediation and provide a forward thinking and flexible service in what can often be a difficult and time consuming process.

Depending on the requirements and the availability of information, we aim to fully understand each claim and identify any additional issues which may prove vital to our investigation.

Drawing on our experienced professionals from around the firm, it may be necessary for us to consider the business’s accounts, or conduct our own analysis to create an accurate picture of the facts.

We can provide:

• A detailed list of additional documentation/information required
• An initial estimate of the likely costs
• Issues and areas of concern
• Suggested additional lines of enquiry
• An overview of the case and initial credibility assessment
• We can prepare schedules and presentations for use in negotiations for settlement of claims, and can also assist with and attend meetings as necessary.

We can assist in the following areas:

• Partnership disputes
• Employers liability

Business and share valuations

• Employment disputes
• Professional negligence
• Disputes between beneficiaries and trustees