Fraudulent VAT Registration & Import Fraud

Date Posted: 9 March 2023

We are aware of criminal activity regarding fraudulent VAT registrations and “hijacking” of Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) numbers and understand that this may be linked to import fraud.

VAT and import fraud could have serious consequences for you and your business.

For example, if your personal details, such as name and address are used with a fraudulent instance of VAT registration, you may be personally liable until the matter is resolved. This could in turn have greater implications, like affecting your credit ratings etc.

In addition, if HMRC believes there are issues with the fraudulent VAT registration it could be possible for other VAT registrations you are associated with, your company for example, to be adversely affected by HMRC making a bond request. A bond request is effectively a demand for VAT upfront and it is illegal for your company to continue trading until you have paid the bond and resolved the issue.

If you receive any correspondence from HMRC, Government bodies or other organisations (shipping companies etc.) that raises a concern you should:

  1. Contact us via or call us on 01227 454627
  2. Check the VAT number is valid using the following link:
  3. Report it to HMRC’s fraud team by calling 0300 123 2040
  4. Report the fraud to the police via Action Fraud:
  5. Check your insurance policies to see if they cover you for fraud and notify your insurance provider, if relevant.