Environmental Policy

We are committed to the local environment and as most of our Partners and staff both live and work here, we want to make a positive contribution to the community.


  • Pool cars – we provide pool cars for staff business journeys, reducing the need for employees to use their own vehicles.
  • Cycling – we encourage our staff to cycle to work whenever possible, and as well as operating a successful Cycle to Work scheme, we have secure bike sheds and showers.
  • Public transport – Staff are encouraged to use public transport when travelling to London, and a number of staff also use public transport for travelling in to the Canterbury office.
  • Car sharing – Staff who do choose to drive in to the office are encouraged to share the journey with their colleagues where possible.

Reducing waste / recycling

  • Confidential paper waste is shredded and recycled by a local firm.
  • We provide facilities for recycling non-confidential paper, cardboard, plastic and metal.
  • Hardware such as printers and computers are either donated to charity or recycled as and when required.
  • We have reduced the use of plastic bottles by providing reusable glass bottles of chilled tap water in our meetings.
  • We have increased our use of electronic storage, thus reducing the need for paper copies of client documents.

Reducing energy consumption

  • Energy efficient light bulbs are used wherever possible in our offices.
  • Movement sensor lighting is used where possible to ensure lights are turned off if not required.

Use of local suppliers

  • We aim to use local suppliers wherever possible to reduce transport costs and boost the local economy.